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Teaching Award

To encourage teachers in their commitment to good university teaching, the Teaching Prize is awarded at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. You can find more information here:

Teaching Award

Medical Didactics

Medical Didactics is aimed in particular at teachers in Faculty VI and would like to support them with subject-specific features in medical teaching by offering training and advice.

About the medical didactics

Promotion of Early Career Researchers

Promoting of Early Career Researchers

The School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences supports those who are interested in science and research at all stages of their basic-research oriented or clinical practice oriented education.

Voluntary Scientific Year

An initiative launched at the start of 2015 by the School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences gives school leavers the opportunity to do a “Voluntary Scientific Year” (Freiwilliges Wissenschaftliches Jahr – FWJ) at the University within the framework of Federal Voluntary Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst – BWJ). Volunteers generally spend twelve months working in a research project, for example in the area of healthcare research or at one of the university hospitals, where they assist with administrative and research tasks. In addition to practical activities, educational activities are a key component of the Voluntary Scientific Year, which includes at least 25 obligatory training days. This allows volunteers to gain insights into topics related to scientific work and research practice, to attend lectures and seminars, to take advantage of student counselling services and to get to know different areas of the University.


Nadine Brandt

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More information about the Voluntary Scientific Year can be found at (in German language only)


The scientific training of medical students begins in their first year of studies and continues as a longitudinal element throughout their studies until the last year of medical school, the so-called Practical Year (Praktisches Jahr, PJ) (Longitudinal Research Curriculum, Longitudinales Forschungscurriculum – LFC). The aim is to teach students the fundamental aspects and methods of scientific work, to give them insights into active research activities and to inspire enthusiasm for research. Instruction in research methods and the scientific foundations as well as active participation in research are key elements of their education.

For students who are interested in neurosensory science, there are two research-oriented Master’s degree programmes, Neurocognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, in which independent research is a high priority from the start. In the Winter Semester 2017/2018 a consecutive degree programme, “Physics, Technology and Medicine”, was launched with a curriculum which combines science and clinical subject. 

Doctoral Programmes

The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg offers structured doctoral programmes. Founded in 2009, the Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology (Oltech) constitutes the umbrella institution for several of these three-year programmes in mathematics, the natural sciences, computer science and medicine. An MD/PhD programme and a graduate research programme run jointly with the University Medical Center Groningen were launched at the start of 2018. Funding for doctoral students is provided for example within the framework of externally financed graduate schools. In addition, a limited amount of internal funding is also available for doctoral students in the MD/PhD programme.


Dr. Klaudia Hettwer (Oltech)

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More information on doctoral programmes at the School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences can be found here. (in German language only)


An overview of the various possibilities for internal and external funding for researchers who have completed their doctorate is available here.

In 2017 the Clinician Scientist Programme was launched. This is a structured, three-year advanced training programme for physicians who are active in scientific work. It provides them with funding to carry out clinical and basic research projects (6 months per year for a maximum period of 3 years) from the third year of their specialised medical training and can be completed at one of the university hospitals listed for the research areas. For non-medical scientists with an interest in clinical work we offer the Medical Scientist Programme. In addition, the intramural research funding can also be used by physicians at all stages of their careers who want to spend a limited amount of time for research (20 percent of the working hours for a maximum period of three years).

Scientists on track for a professorship who are interested in leading their own junior research group at the School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences can apply for start-up funding via the Presidential Chair’s programme budget.

The Graduate Academy of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg offers an interdisciplinary qualification programme for career development. More courses are available within the framework of the Joint Research Academy of the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all.


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