Hannes Glück

Hannes Glück

Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
26129 Oldenburg
Building A3, Room A3 1-108
Phone: +49 441 798-2373


Self-determinations. Jacques Rancière and the Politics of Emancipation


In my PhD-project I investigate practices and forms of political subjectification in the frame of a theory of emancipation that I develop on the basis of the writings of Jacques Rancière. Starting with political philosophy – supplemented by sociological, pedagogical, historical and aesthetic perspectives – I ask for the preconditions and manifestations of processes of emancipation. I describe the mutual transformation of ideas, subjects, institutions and regimes of perception as four dimensions of these processes improving the degree of self-determination. The extension of what is achieved in these processes is however always limited to certain aspects and certain subjects – therefore emancipation can never be conclusively achieved, but has to be approximated through repetition. My interpretative and conceptual approach is completed by a meta-reflection on the applicability, aspirations and limits of such practices of critical science.

Brief Vita

since 04/2015Member of the DFG Research Training Group: „Self-Making. Practices of Subjectivation in Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspective”
spring term 2013

Lecturer at Leuphana University Lüneburg

10/2005-09/2012Study of Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig and at IEP Lille



"Emanzipation als endlose Umverteilung des Sinnlichen?" [Emancipation as interminable redistribution of the sensible], Interdisciplinary Symposion "On the Division of Labour, Work, Knowledge, the Sensible, Spaces and Times" at the Academy of fine Arts Vienna.


„Emanzipation als Wiederholung? Politische Subjektivierung bei Jacques Rancière“ [Emancipation as Repetition? Political Subjectification in Jacques Rancière], lecture series at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Oldenburg.


„Das unmögliche Volk. Kollektivsubjekte bei Rancière und Laclau“ [The Impossible People. Collective Subjects in Rancière and Laclau], conference "Jenseits der Person. Die Subjektvierung kollektiver Subjekte" at Leipzig University.


„Das prekäre Kollektiv. Jacques Rancière und die Subjektivierung der Demokratie“ [The Precarious Collective. Jacques Rancière and the Subjectification of Democracy] at the graduate conference „Challenging Collectivities“, Goethe-University Frankfurt a. M.

07/2014  „Wissenschaft zwischen Polizei und Politik. Rancières Kritik an Bourdieu und Foucault“ [Science between Police and Politics. Rancière’s Critique of Bourdieu and Foucault] at the conference „Diskurs Macht Wissenschaft“ at Bamberg University.


Kritik der Selbst-Bildung. Routine und Eigensinn in den Praktiken der Subjektivierung. Bericht zur Summer School: "Kritik der Selbst-Bildungen. Routine und Eigensinn in den Praktiken der Subjektivierung, 13.–14. September 2016, in: H-Soz-Kult, 02.12.2016 (zusammen mit Alexandra Janetzko, Björn Bertrams, David Adler und Stefan Kühnen).

Glück, Hannes/Gengnagel, Vincent (2013): Für eine emanzipatorische Ästhetik. Jens Kastner greift einen Streit zwischen Rancière und Bourdieu auf. In: Analyse & Kritik Nr. 582.

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