Dr. Nikolaus Buschmann

Dr. Maxi Berger, M.A.

„Art and Self-Awareness. The Subject's Critique and aesthetic Experience in the Work of Adorno“

Dr. Nikolaus Buschmann

“Motives of Docility. On the historical Semantics of Loyalty in German History”

Dr. Silja Samerski

From Suffering to Deciding. A Genealogy of the Patient as a Decider-Subject

Members on a Scholarship

Nils Baratella

„The pugnacious Subject. The Boxing Match as an ethic Formation of Modernity“

Julia Noah Munier

“On Nazi-Vamps and Nazi-Camp. Sexualised Interpretive Models of National-Socialism and Italian Fascism as commemorative-cultural Practices of Subjectivation”

Andrea Querfurt

Practices of Self-Making in Migration's Spaces of Encounter (working title)

Gerrit Vorjans

On the 'Foolishness of Dying deliberately': The Function and Meaning of suicidal Methods in German Literature around 1900

Members without Scholarships

Kristina Brümmer — wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Institut für Sportwissenschaft - Arbeitsbereich Soziologie und Sportsoziologie

From the Knowing Subject towards the Capacity of Participation and its Subjectivation in Practices. A Praxeographic Study of Sport Acrobatics

Thomas Pille

„Referendariat. Ethnographische Zugänge zu den Praktiken der Subjektivierung“

Research Students

Thomas Heidorn

Nicole Piechotta

Thomas Heidorn

Christopher Müller

Marie-Joana Münter

Nicole Piechotta

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