Alexander Hesse

Alexander Hesse

Leibniz Universität Hannover
Institut für Soziologie
Im Moore 21
D-30167 Hannover
+49 511-76219034


"A Genealogy of Self-Governing. On the Historicity of Technologies of the Self in 20th Century Self-Help Literature" (Working Title)


Self-help literature provides instructions for self-governing. These texts offer techniques which aim at changing the reader´s life as a whole. This includes the transformation of personality as well as a rearrangement of work, relationships and social status. For that purpose, mental, social and material resources are unlocked and utilized for various goals of life, which are often described quite expressively. The modern, enlightened imperative at the heart of these texts, i.e. not to be determined by others, is transferred – in historically alternating ways – into an imperative of life-planning, life-enhancement and a re-utilization of the self. more...

Brief Vita

since 04/2012Research Associate at the Research Project “Genealogy of Self-Governing” (funded by the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation)
since 10/2011Member of the DFG Research Training Group: “Self-Making. Practices of Subjectivation in Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspective”
12/2009Admission to the Conferral of a Doctorate at the Leibniz Universitaet, Hannover
04/2005- 12/2007 Study of Philosophy, Protestant Theology and Psychology at the Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin
04/2001- 03/2005Study of Philosophy, Protestant Theology and Psychology at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet, Heidelberg (M.A.)


"The Reconstruction of Tamil Buddhism - An Identity for the Oppressed?" in: AJTR XXI (01/2008), S.16-32.

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