Gerrit Vorjans

Dr. Gerrit Vorjans

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D-26129 Oldenburg 
Building A3, Room A3 1-108 
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On the 'Foolishness of Dying deliberately': The Function and Meaning of suicidal Methods in German Literature around 1900


Suicide as a tragic solution of literary conflicts is as old as occidental literature itself. Hence, it is not surprising that literary research has dealt with suicide in several studies. So far, all of these studies, which either focus either on the reasons or moral evaluation of the suicide, have neglected one aspect: the way of suicide. Following different literary texts, which were published between 1880 and 1914 – a phase, in which the topic of suicide was hotly debated within and outside of literature –, the production of a particular cultural knowledge about the modalities of suicide will be investigated. more...

Main Areas of Research

  • Praxeological Perspectives in Literary Studies
  • Epic and Dramatic in German Speaking Literature around 1900: Middle-Class Realism – Naturalism – Classical Modernity
  • Historical Gender Orders
  • Author Stagings
  • Discourse Analysis

Brief Vita

since 10/2011 Member of the DFG Research Training Group: “Self-Making. Practices of Subjectivation in Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspective”
10/2010- 09/2011 Research Assistant at the Department of German Studies at Prof. Dr. Sabine Kyora
10/2008- 10/2010 German Studies at the CvO Universitaet, Oldenburg.
Title of the Master Thesis: Ophelia's Brothers. Male Water-Suicides in German Literature around 1900 following chosen Examples
10/2004- 09/2008 Study of Social Sciences and German Studies at the Carl von Ossietzky Universitaet, Oldenburg (Bachelor)


„Tu Schlechtes und rede darüber“ – Das Drogengeständnis als Selbstinszenierungspraktik bei Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre. In: Subjektform Autor: Autorschaftsinszenierungen als Praktiken der Subjektivierung. Hrsg. von Sabine Kyora. Bielefeld: transcript 2014.

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