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Ines Weber

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'Let's hang the episcopal Dignity up the Wall.' Comparisons of Self-Makings of Late Medieval Bishops in the Holy Roman Empire


“In his demeanour, his words and gestures, he was truthful, firm and always serious. But in his youth, a time devoted to cheerfulness, he spoke privately to his knights, chaplains, chamberlains and donzels as if he were the most inferior amongst them: »Let's hang the episcopal dignity up the wall' – sometimes, he was winning, sometimes losing, the most cheerful companion in jumping, light-footed in running; he threw the stone further that the others and excelled in physical strength.” (Die Taten der Trierer. Gesta Treverorum, hrsg. Emil Zenz, Bd. V: Balduin von Luxemburg 1307-1354, Trier 1961, Kapitel CCXVIII S. 22.)

Medieval historiography transmits several images of rulers like this one of Balduin von Luxemburg (1307-1354), the archbishop of Trier. Depending on the client's intentions, the person portraied appeared in a positive or negative light. Accordingly, research into Medieval Times attempts to reconstruct the true circumstances and to understand the ruler's position within the political framework of power. In this case, however, a new perspective on the passed-on image of a ruler seems appropriate. In these words about Bishop Balduin, we can “observe” how he does it; how he “makes himself a bishop”. Balduin knows very well, which actions are incommensurable with the “post's dignity” and which are not. “Sportive” activities, accordingly, are not part of a bishop's way of life. Hence, he intentionally (but symbolically) discards his post's dignity for a short period, in order to pursue his amusements. Of course, this action has to be understood politically: To a certain extend, Balduin turns himself into a “primus inter pares”, who, in spite of his “great dignity”, still belongs to his circle of (doubtless subordinate) friends. For us, the way in which he does it, is interesting. more...

Main Areas of Research

  • European History with the foci Old and Medieval History
  • Models of Spiritual Living Forms in Medieval Times
  • Museum and Exhibition

Brief Vita

since 10/2011Member of the DFG Research Training Group: “Self-Making. Practices of Subjectivation in Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspective”
07/2010- 03/2011 Conception of the historic-archaeological Information Centre “Friesische Johanniter” in Bokelesch. Commissioned by the District Saterland (
2007- 2010Master in European History at the CvO Universitaet Oldenburg. Foci: Old and Medieval History
2007- 2010Master of Education in History and German. CvO Universitaet Oldenburg
2007Study abroad at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne/GB
2004- 2007Double-Bachelor in History and German at the CvO Universitaet Oldenburg


Basisseminar/Institut für Geschichte: Heiliger im Leben und Märtyrer im Tode? Modelle geistlichen Lebens im Mittelalter. (SoSe 2014)

Further Academic Functions

03-04/2010 Studentische Hilfskraft am Institut für Physik an der CvO-Universität Oldenburg im Zentrum für Windenergieforschung ForWind
07/2009Ausstellungsbetreuung auf einem Museumsschiff für die Stiftung Offshore Windenergie
2009Studentische Hilfskraft bei Prof. Dr. Andrea Strübind am Institut für Evangelische Theologie an der CvO-Universität Oldenburg
2008Planung und Organisation der Ausstellung "160 Jahre Friesisches Brauhaus zu Jever" unter der Leitung von Hon.-Prof. Dr. Antje Sander
2007Teilnahme und Organisation des Forschungsforums "Antike Religion" der Arbeitsstelle Antike Religion und Alte Geschichte der CvO-Universität Oldenburg
2005- 2009Studentische Hilfskraft bei Prof. Dr. Tanja Scheer am Institut für Geschichte der CvO-Universität Oldenburg


Weber, Ines: Der Perserkriegsmythos - Griechischer Unabhängigkeitskrieg und der Philhellenismus, in: Krüger, Christine G./Lindner, Martin: Nationalismus und Antikenrezeption (Oldenburger Schriften zur Geschichtswissenschaft 10), Oldenburg 2009, S. 85-97.

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