Marcus Held


Participation and Recognition – Contributions to a Grammar of the Doctrine of Justification


The project deals with a reformulation of the classical topos of the doctrine of justification from a perspective rooted in an ontology of events.

In recent decades, Finnish Luther research and radical orthodoxy have contributed – in their very own ways – to accumulate diverse materials that could help in fathoming potential scopes for a reformulation of the classical forensic conception of justification. Firstly, the project devotes itself to systematic-theological examination of the findings, in order to, secondly, elaborate on the concept of participation, which is part of the ongoing discussion. In doing so, I opt for a re-orientation of the ontology on which this concept is based. I intent to show that the discussion of approaches to an ontology of events suggest a transformation of the prevailing relational understanding into a vocabulary of theories of donation, which, in turn, refers to a deep grammar of participation rooted in theories of recognition and responsiveness. In disclosing this grammar, I will be able to show that a concept of participation allows to make a fundamental contribution to an understanding of justification within oecumenic dialogue 

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