Student Association SEM

Members of the Student Association for Sustainability Economics and Management in the winter term 2017/18:

Britta Klages (3. semester), Désirée Diering (5.), Elisabeth Wagener (1.), Janik Berger (1.), Janika Hintzsche (1.), Marco Brünjes (5.), Olga Vinnica (1.), Stephan Brandt (3.), Swantje Freund (1.), Tanja Schäfer (1.)
(not on the photo: Cordelia Pätz (3.), Inken Oldsen-thor Straten (1.), Jennifer Wilke (5.), Patrick Lindner (3.), Paul Ecker (1.), Stefanie Adrian (3.))

All students of the master's degree programme in Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM) vote for a student association each year at the general student assembly of this programme.

The student association represents the interests of all students in SEM at the university. It is also trying to improve the study situation for the students in SEM in the city of Oldenburg. Furthermore it is the counterpart for questions around the master's degree programme in SEM.

The work areas of the student association for SEM are:

    • Organisation of the orientation week for new students in SEM
    • Organisation of the traditional weekend trip for new students
    • Representation of SEM-interests in the faculty boards "Studien-AG WiRe" and Academic Commission
    • Consultation for interested persons in the programme
    • Consultation for students in SEM
    • Counterpart for teaching persons in the master's degree programme in SEM
    • Regular exchange with the programme responsables for the further development of the programme
    • Representation of students' interests in the admissions committee, audit committee and appointments committee
    • Organisation of student parties (summer festival and christmas celebrations)
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