Sustainability at the University

Research and teaching dealing with the different topics of nature conservation and sustainability have accompanied the university since its founding in 1973. With its location near the coast two main research focuses developed early on: marine research (especially shallow sea and coast research) and research on renewable energies.

In the field of renewable energies the University of Oldenburg is one of the leading universities and offers a big amount of study programmes in this field.

Besides this focus in natural science there is also an ecological focus in economic sciences since 1997. Moreover, a distinguished ecological research in social sciences, informatics, educational sciences as well as in other scientific fields emerged.

Research center COAST

The 2005 founded research center COAST (Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research) bundles the activities in sustainability research at the University of Oldenburg. The aim of the center is to develop the University of Oldenburg as a Germany-wide leading place in transdisciplinary research and teaching in the field of sustainability - and thereby keeping the focus on coastal aspects. The University of Oldenburg came to be one of the leading institutions for environmental and sustainability research during the last decades.

The scientific center COAST interlocks natural, social and economic sciences, informatics and the field of renewable energies and the man-environment relationship in coastal areas in a close dialog with the society.

Thereby, COAST draws on the competences of five member organisations:

  • CEM Center for Environmental Modelling
  • CENTOS Oldenburg Center for Sustainability Economics and Management
  • For Wind Center for Wind Energy Research
  • ICBM Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment
  • ZENARiO Center for sustainable spatial development in Oldenburg

Also in 2016, CENTOS presented selected works and research focuses with a poster show during the orientation week. The posters of the respectiv chairs and research groups can be downloaded here as PDFs.

Within COAST the teaching activities regarding sustainability related study offers on Bachelor, Master and PhD - level are coordinated and designed.
To this belongs also the Master Cluster Environment and Sustainability. Additionally to the SEM-programme, the Master Cluster includes several more research and application oriented programmes. According to the respective interest focus, students have the possibility to choose between diverse modules out of the natural, social and economic sciences, as well as out of the fields renewable energies and environment. 

Sustainability Profile of the University

In 2007, the University of Oldenburg developed for the first time a sustainability profile (German) which compactly shows the diverse research fields regarding environment and sustainability.

Sustainability report of the University of Oldenburg

In 2013 the first sustainability report (German) of the University of Oldenburg was finished which was esentially written by students. The report was designed basically according to the GRI-standards.

Student engagement for sustainability

There is a variety of student initiatives at the university of Oldenburg, that are concerned about environmental problems and climate change and therefore engaging for a more sustainable university and society. An overview of activities and student initiatives in this area provide the following pages.

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