Environmental and sustainability issues play a major role in the city and at the University of Oldenburg since many years. To push the transformation towards a sustainable society bottom-up, many initiatives, associations and institutions have been built in Oldenburg where students and citizens engage actively in climate and environmental projects.

The students' initiative NachDenkstatt was founded by SEM-students. Within the initiative students from different subjects organise a three-day conference regarding different socially relevant topics each year. The conference is a platform for the transdisciplinary exchange of practice, science, students and citizens on the issue of sustainability.

Furthermore, there are many more possibilities at the University of Oldenburg to engage in sustainability initiatives. Also, the student administration and the university's students council are active in environmental projects.

Many other institutions and initiatives care about sustainability in the city of Oldenburg and stand for a worthwile future.

(Changed: 2020-01-23)