Sustainability in the city of Oldenburg

Oldenburg offers different possibilities to get information about environmental or sustainability topics or to engage in this field. Here is a list of some examples for initiatives in the environmental/sustainable field:

  • ADFC Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club (General German Bicycle Association)
  • Alhambra – Autonomous centre for action and communication
  • BINSE citizens' initiative for nature conservation and urban ecology in Oldenburg
  • Critical Mass Oldenburg: local group of a worldwide bicycle movement which stands for the promotion of bicycle traffic
  • Forum ecomobilform
  • IBIS Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle e.V. (intercultural work)
  • Kostbar: sustainable shopping guide with vouchers for Oldenburg
  • NABU Oldenburger Land e. V.
  • Olegeno – Energy cooperative in Oldenburg
  • Repair Café Oldenburg: repair instead of consume: monthly meetings where participants are invited to repair their broken things
  • Slow Food Oldenburg: local group of a global movement which stands for everyone's access to food which ensures the well-being of the producers as well as the environment
  • Solidarische Landwirtschaft Oldenburg (Community-supported agriculture)
  • tARTort: young friends of the Horst-Janssen-Museum
  • Tranfer e.V.
  • Umwelthaus Oldenburg: location of many local groups and initiatives with environmental and sustainability references
  • VCD – Verkehrsclub Deutschland Kreisverband Oldenburg Stadt und Land
  • VoKü Oldenburg

*The list does not imply any claim to completeness. No liability is assumed for the design or contents of the linked sites. If there is missing an initiative, please contact the secrrddmfetariat g1dlof Pd1brofmchis. Dr. chSipkxeebenner.hxm6 (birgipht.scplnt+helenz@uol.dezdxi)

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