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University of Oldenburg

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Summer Term 2009

Seminar SFB/TRR 31

Summer Term 2009

Time:            Friday 14 -16

Locations:    room W2 1-143 (Oldenburg), room G26.1-010 (Magdeburg)  

 Title of the Talk
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24 April 2009

 Oldenburg   Visual-auditory integration and stimulus specific adaptation in the barn owl

Yoram Gutfreund

G. Klump

12 June 2009


The role of temporal fine structure in pitch and speech perception


Andrew J. Oxenham

Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota

G. Klump /
B. Kollmeier

19 June 2009


Putting Sounds in Context

Jennifer Linden
UCL Ear Institute

G. Klump

26 June 2009


Temporal Precision of Speech Coded into Nerve-Action Potentials

Werner Hemmert
Technical University Munich
Bio-Inspired Information Processing

V. Hohmann

3 July 2009


Structure and function of the calyx of Held synapse

Gerard Borst
Dept. of Neuroscience
Erasmus University Rotterdam

G. Klump

10 July 2009



farewell colloquium for Professor Dr. Volker Mellert

-no video transmission to Magdeburg-

various speakers

7 August 2009


An evolutionary perspective on middle ears

Geoffrey Manley

Dept. of Zoology

Technische Universität München

G. Klump

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