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Summer Term 2010

Summer Term 2010

Time: Friday 14 -16

Locations: room W2 1-143 (Oldenburg), room G26.1-010 (Magdeburg)

Title of the Talk
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16 April 2010
"The synaptic representation VERSCHOBEN AUF 11.06.oving sound sources in auditory cortex"

Paul Chadderton

UCL Ear Institute London

G. KIump
23 April 2010

Laminar and Temporal Distribution of Stimulus Information in Field Potentials Points to an "Event Based" Operation of Auditory Cortex

D. Phil.
Jan Schnupp

University of Oxford
Dept. of Physiology, Anatomy
and Genetics

G. Klump
7 May 2010
"Interactions between tones - adaptation, masking and beyond"

PD Dr. Bernhard Gaese

Institut für Zellbiologie und Neurowissenschaft Frankfurt

AK Neurobiologie und Biosensorik

A. Brechmann
21 May 2010

The Essex Hearing Dummy Project

Prof. Ray Meddis

University of Essex, Colchester

Department of Psychology

Tim Jürgens
28 May 2010

Bottom-up attentional effects of sound on visual perception

Adelbert Bronkhorst

Universität Amsterdam, NL

Cognitive Psychologie

B. Kollmeier
4 June 2010

Plasticity of the human auditory cortex related to musical training as revealed by MEG

Prof. Dr. Christo Pantev

Universität Münster

Institut für Biomagnetismus und Biosignalanalyse

B. Kollmeier
11 June 2010

"The Synaptic Representation ofStatic and Moving Sound Sources in Auditory Cortex"

Paul Chadderton

UCL Ear Institute London

G. Klump
25 June 2010

"Investigating the neural basis of human audio-visual object perception"

Marcus J. Naumer

Institut für Medizinische Psychologie

Goethe Universität Frankfurt
T. Nösselt
2 July 2010
"The effect of reverberation on the neural representation of the pitch of complex sounds" Ian Winter

Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

University of Cambridge, UK

J. Verhey
9 July 2010
Rewriting the textbooks: Recent breakthroughs in our understanding of human pitch

Chris Plack

University of Manchester, UK

School of Psychological Sciences

G. Klump
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