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Winter Term 2010/2011

Winter Term 2010/2011

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Time:            Friday 14 -16

Locations:    room W2 1-143 (Oldenburg), Medical Campus H28 / R 2.31 (Magdeburg)

 Title of the Talk
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29 Oct 2010

Auditory cognitive control and executive functions

Kenneth Hugdahl
University of Bergen
Department of Biological and Medical Psychology

T. Münte
T. Noesselt
5 Nov 2010

Using stimulus frequency otoacoustic emissions to uncover basic properties of the human medial olivocochlear system

Bradford Backus
University College London
Ear Institute
V. Hohman
12 Nov 2010

"Order effects in 2AFC tasks: data and model"

Prof. Miguel A. Garcia-Perez
Universidad Complutense, Madrid
H. Colonius
19 Nov 2010

"Shaping functional architecture by oscillatory alpha activity: gating by inhibition"

Dr. Ole Jensen
Radboud University Nijmegen, NL
C. Herrmann
26 Nov 2010
  Magdeburg The learning of noise as a tool to probe the formation of new auditory memories Dr. Daniel Pressnitzer
ENS Paris

Labor für Wahrnehmungspsychologie
P. Heil
3 Dec 2010
"Synaptic transmission, nitric oxide and homeostatic control of neuronal excitability by potassium channels"

Prof. Ian Forsythe

HG Nothwang
  10 Dec 2010
Simultaneous TMS and EEG and the required methods of recording and post-processing Prof. Risto Ilmoniemi

Universität Aalto, Finnland

Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science

C. Herrmann
17 Dec 2010

Distortion product otoacoustic emissions and auditory steady state responses for assessing hearing loss

Prof. Thomas Janssen

HNO Klinik der TU München

G. Klump
7 Jan 2011

“The role of deviance detection in auditory stream segregation”

Istvan Winkler

Institute for Psychology, Budapest, Hungary

G. Klump
14 Jan 2011
"Development and plasticity of binaural hearing"
Andrej Kral

Experimentelle Otologie
MH Hannover

M. Brosch
28 Jan 2011

"The neurobiology of auditory plasticity in musicians"

Prof. Eckart Altenmüller
Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien

Institut für Musikphysiologie und Musiker-Medizin

G. Klump
4 Feb 2011

"Single-trial coupling of the gamma-band response and the corresponding BOLD signal"

Christoph Mulert
UKE Hamburg

C. Herrmann
11 Feb 2011

"Modelling the role of the auditory efferent system in the recognition of noisy and reverberant speech"

Guy Brown

University of Sheffield

Dept. of Computer Science

B. Kollmeier
T. Jürgens
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