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University of Oldenburg

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Winter Term 2014/2015

Winter Term 2014/2015

Time: Friday 14 -16

Locations: room W2 1-143 (Oldenburg), Medical Campus H28 / R 2.31 (Magdeburg)

Date Location Title of the talk Speaker invited by

28 November 2014


"Internally Coupled Ears (ICE): the cool part of sound localization”

J. Leo van Hemmen
TU München

Jan Diepenbrock

5 December 2014


"Sensitivity to interaural time differences in envelope and fine structure, individually and in combination"

Agnès Léger

University of Manchester, GB

Sarah Verhulst

12 December 2014


"From molecule to mechanism: understanding the function of the efferent auditory system one ion channel at a time"

Sonja Pyott Ph.D.

University Medical Center
Groningen, NL

Georg Klump

19 December 2014


"Adaptive plasticity of auditory cortex circuits"

Prof. Patrick Kanold

University of Maryland, USA

Peter Heil

16 January 2015


"Computational modelling of temporal integration in auditory cortex”

Prof. Patrick May

Aalto University, Finland

Peter Heil

23 January 2015


„Processing Language and Music through a Cochlear Implant: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials”

Dr. Anja Hahne

Universitätsklinikum Dresden

Martin Böckmann-Barthel
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