Crime and Carcerality (A6-4-404)

CvO-Universität Oldenburg
Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
26111 Oldenburg

Lilian Laiser

Lilian Laiser

Lilian Laiser works as a student assistant in the Crime and Carcerality Research Group. She studied a two subjects Bachelor’s in Social Sciences and Economic Education at the University of Oldenburg and will start her Master’s in Political Science at Stockholm University. Lilian’s research interests lie in the areas of Political Sociology and Social Psychology with special regards to impacts of gender, race, culture, discrimination, and inequality on political attitudes or voting behaviour.

In her thesis, Lilian analysed the question of whether African Americans’ skin tone can predict their political ideologies due to colourism. The term ‘colourism’ describes a phenomenon where BIPoC with darker skin tones are more frequently confronted with (structural) discrimination than their lighter-skinned counterparts. This, in turn, impacts socioeconomic standpoints that might have an impact on the development of political attitudes.

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