Director of the Institute

Prof. Dr. Martin Heidenreich

Vice Director of the Institute

Prof. Dr. Markus Tepe

Branch Office

+49 (0)441 798-4964 / -2207 / -2641

A6 4-416 / 417


Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fakultät I - Bildungs- und Sozialwissenschaften
Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
Ammerlander Heerstr. 114-118 
26111 Oldenburg

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Graduate program AROWI

Work - Organization - Knowledge
Specialization seminars within the structured graduate program

The structured program AROWI at the University of Oldenburg aims to accompany social science graduates in the areas of work, organization and knowledge in the development of their doctorates, and to bring them closer to new social science approaches and studies on these topics. It is part of the university-wide Graduate School 3 GO and can be completed with a certificate after completion of the planned events (summer schools, own teaching, foreign lectures, participation in colloquia ...) in the total scope of 30 credits. The contents of the doctoral programs are regulated by an examination regulations. The doctoral program continues to be based on the relevant regulations of the Faculty I.



Institute for Social Sciences

The department of social sciences combines sociologically and political scientific aspects in teaching and research of the University of Oldenburg. These activities are characterized by an international and an interdisciplinary orientation. The focus fixes on the topics “Europeanization and transnational processes” and "Independent studies between inclusion and exclusion”.

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