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Mailing List Social Sciences

Via the mailing list of the Department of Social Sciences notices about courses and events, news and announcements are sent to all members (students, lectures…). The success of this list is mainly influenced by the support of its members. In this way, a frequently use is going to be helpful by the establishment as a platform on which an uncomplicated exchange of information takes place.

All students of Social Sciences are automatically included in the list by their address. A manual registration is possible if you use the form which you obtain on the following link Das Formular bietet die Möglichkeit, sich mit der gewünschten E-Mail-Adresse in die Liste ein- oder auszutragen.

If you wish to send a mail via the mailing list, you will have to use sozialwissa/enfgfscha3sften@lishmrdtseynrv.uni-ok1ldepxsnburg.dpt5keezkh as receiver name.

The mail will be sent to all members of this list. For problems and questions, please contact the moderator over the following mail address:

Additionally, you will find general information about mailing-lists under

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