Newest Publication

ISA RC28 Spring Meeting

Ana Brömmelhaus presents new results about "The influence of the partner on academic success" at the ISA RC28 Spring Meeting in Frankfurt a.M. (March 21-23). The study is part of the project LAST-Life Course Perspective and Dropout from Higher Education.

Conference Chair and Presentations

At the annual congress of the German Society of Demography Michael Feldhaus is the chair of the two sessions "Wohlbefinden in Familien" and "Was kostet der Kinderwunsch? - Konsequenzen reproduktionsmedizinischer Behandlung".
Richard Preetz presents results from a project together with Andreas Filser about "Im Auge der Betrachter*innen? Zum Zusammenhang regionaler und subjektiver Sex Ratios" and a poster about "Wenn Paare sich uneins sind: Divergierende Zusammenzugsintentionen und deren Folgen für den weiteren Partnerschaftsverlauf".

New Publication

Ana Brömmelhaus, Michael Feldhaus and Monika Schlegel publish a new paper at the SSCI journal Applied Research in Quality of Life about "Family, Work, and Spatial Mobility: The Influence of Commuting on the Subjective Well-Being of Couples". The study is part of the project Job-related mobility - employment arrangements, intimate relationships and family. You can the read this fascinating paper here.

Conference Presentation

Richard Preetz presented new results about "Wenn Paare sich uneins sind: Gründe und Folgen divergierender Zusammenzugsintentionen" at the sociology of the family spring meeting from the German Society of Sociology.

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