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Prof. Dr. Naruhiko Takesada

Prof. Dr. Naruhiko Takesada

Guest Scientist at the University of Oldenburg from 1.4.2023 until 31.3.2024

Where I come from

I come from the Faculty of Sustainability Studies, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan.
Before joining academics, for 14 years I worked in the Japanese Governmental Agency which assists social and economic development of developing countries. My major is development studies and my main and broad interest is in how to make society sustainable.  So far, I have studied “Involuntary Resettlement” or “Internally Displaced Persons” with development projects or public works.

What I am going to do

I would like to start a new research project for myself.  It is “Social integration of migrants.” Japan has a rapidly declining and aging population. The Japanese Government tries to introduce highly educated or specially educated (e.g., for the area of nursing care) foreigners. Although there are already a number of foreign laborers with their families in Japan, the Japanese Government does not officially admit there are migrants and is not willing to prepare necessary policies for assistance and/or integration. In this background, there are lots of lessons in your country from which I may learn. I would especially like to study how to integrate migrants into a society putting emphasis on children’s (or next generation’s) education.

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