Pädagogik und Didaktik bei Beeinträchtigungen der körperlichen und motorischen Entwicklung sowie bei chronischen und progredienten Erkrankungen

Biographical Information

Since 2018
Qualified lecturer with special responsibilities - Pedagogy and didactics for individuals with developmental disabilities in form of physical or motor skill impairments and chronic or chronically progressive illnesses

University Education

Study of Sport and Sport Sciences at the Johannes Guttenberg-University, Mainz
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Study of Motology at the Philipps University Marburg
Degree: Master of Arts

Advocational Activities

Organisation and execution of a motological health promotion for people with multiple sclerosis in Marburg

Preperation, execution and evaluation of field trips with a focus on psychomotricity, adventure and experiential education for primary school children in the country of Marburg-Biedenkopf


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