Conferences and Workshops

Professional presentations

  • 14th German Congress of Health Service Research, in Berlin/Germany, October 2015
    Topic: Demand for and use of participation-oriented aspects of health care after a stroke [accepted in July 2015]

  • 9th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, in Berlin/Germany, June 2015
    Topic: Counselling of rehabilitants after stroke and of their partners (with Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze)

  • 24th European Stroke Conference, in Vienna/Austria, May 2015
    Topic: The significance of a person-environment analysis for the data collection of people with a stroke: Neuropedagogical perspectives on the rehabilitation process after a stroke (with Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze)

  • 3rd Symposium Stroke- Aftercare with a focus on sustainable participation, in Oldenburg/Germany, October 2014
    Topic: Participation from the very beginning! Early neurological rehabilitation at the transition between phases A and B of the rehabilitation process” (with Prof. Dr. Andreas Zieger)

  • 23th European Stroke Conference in Nice/France, May 2014
    Topic: Partnerships of people with stroke-Facilitators and barriers during their rehabilitation process

  • 2nd Symposium Stroke- What is sustainable supply supposed to look like?, in Oldenburg/Germany, November 2013
    Topic: Partnerships of people with a stroke: facilitators and barriers during their rehabilitation process

  • 3rd Conference “Man in relations”, in Bethel/Germany, November 2013
    Topic: Are you still living or are you living yet? - Experience of an interdisciplinary cooperation to improve community-based aftercare (with Sigrid Seiler, Susanne Jürgensmeyer, Gertrud Wietholt and Alexander Thomas)

  • 1st Symposium Stroke- New ways of rehabilitative care research, in Oldenburg/Germany, July 2012
    Topic: Presentation of the counselling center “Stroke" at the Outpatient Clinic for Rehabilitation
    (with Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze und Dr. Jens Thomsen)

  • Recognizing, Understanding and Healing Eating Disorders, in Würzburg/Germany, June 2011
    Topic: Counseling center for Eating Disorders Dick & Dünn Nordwest e.V. - experiences of long-term treatment (with Anke Lambrecht)
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