The working and research group  „Special Needs Education;  Rehabilitation / Health Care“ has ERASMUS-partnerships for mobility of doctoral, students and lecturers with the following universities:

· Der Rijksuniversiteit Groningen; Faculty Behavioural and Social Sciences, Department Orthopedagogy
Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Jana Knot-Dickscheit
Research interests: developmental and behavioural disorders in education and care; young carers; diversity management; dropout
Research group: Prof. Dr. Jana Knot-Dickscheit, Dr. Anne-Marie Huyghen, Dr. Jana Alber, PhD student MA Anna-Marie Spittel, Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze) 

· Liverpool John Moores University; Faculty of Education, Health and Community,
School of Education
Cooperation partner: Dr. Andrew Kennedy
Research interests: Children’s Services and the Family; young carers; health and wellbeing
Research group: Dr. Andrew Kennedy, Dr. Angela Daly, PhD student MA Anna-Marie Spittel, Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze

Contact person for ERASMUS exchange: Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze

We cooperate with the following partner universities (universities of applied sciences)

with the aims of:

- exchanging (Post-)Doctoral Students to gain new research perspectives and to plan and carry out joint research projects

- designing and implementing joint research projects in the areas of Young Carers, Absenteeism & Dropout, Diversity management 

· Towson University, Maryland; Department of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and Deaf Studies

Cooperation partner: Prof. Paul M. Evitts
Research interests: Rehabilitation, Stroke
Research group: Prof. Dr. Paul M. Evitts, Dr. Jana Alber, Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze

· University of Teacher Education Fukuoka, Japan; Department of Special Education

Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Shinchi Terao
Research interests: inclusion, absenteeism/ dropout, diversity management
Research group: Prof. Dr. Shinchi Terao, Prof. Dr. Tetsushi Hirata, apl. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Ricking, PhD student Martin Podszus,  Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze

· Kalaidos Fachhochschule, Schweiz; Department Gesundheit Zürich

Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Agnes Leu
Research interests: young carers/ young adult carers, dropout
Research group: Prof. Dr. Agnes Leu, PhD candidate MEd. Steffen Kaiser, PhD student MA Anne-Marie Spittel,  Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze

· Osaka City University, Japan; Department of Education, Sch. of Literature & Human Sciences

Cooperation partner: Prof. Kemma Tsujino
Research interests: absenteeism/ dropout, young carers
Research group: Prof. Kemma Tsujino , Prof. Dr. Haruo Soeda, apl. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Ricking, PhD student Anna-Spittel, Prof. Dr. Gisela C. Schulze

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)