Course of Studies

The Master „Sport and Lifestyle“ has a standard period of studies of four semesters and is designed as a 120 credits Master of Arts. It includes basic research in the compulsory modules MM 11 to MM 13 with a total of 42 credits. While MM 11 provides refreshing and strengthening anthropological foundations of science and social science perspectives, the focus of this course of study will be outlined and given in MM 12.

In MM 11 and MM 12 a seminar in each case from the realm of theory and practice of different sports has to be studied. On the basis of the exercise and learning experiences made in sport practice its theory is questioned; vice versa it permits and promotes the reflection of these experiences in the study of theory of sport science. That is, theory and practice irritate and inspire each other.

The explicit focus of the Master of Arts “Sport and Lifestyle” is reflected in MM 13. It includes discussion of quantitative and qualitative methods of social research and with scientific research methods; medical training and scientific diagnostic techniques are taught alongside the scientific seminars ("Moving in the Life Span" in MM 12 and MM in 15).

While sport science problems are looked at in the modules of the basic area and at the same time take a perspective from natural and social sciences, students may select either a cultural and social science-based module MM 14 or a science module MM 15in the specialization phase. On this optional module, which is to study with 15 credits, an interdisciplinary module MM 16 is followed with 9 credits.

The scope includes 3 modules (MM 17, MM 18 and MM 19) with a total of 24 credits.

In MM 17, the assessment skills acquired in previous studies of sports, exercise and therapy of different agencies is deepened, and students visit it for that purpose. The students prepare these short excursions in organisational and in terms of content independently. The module is used so that the deepening of those assessments skills and also the development of skills to bowl "work organisation" and "communication" in the planning, organisation and documentation of the short excursions.

In MM 18 a four-week career-related internship that can be completed in stages, and in MM 19 a respective specialization related focus project studies is provided; both internship and project are accompanied by an "assisted research workshop". Here, students apply their acquired theoretical, methodological and practical skills under supervision in depth at a sports-related research problem of their choice.

The professionalisation of 12 credits is equally distributed in the three modules of the scope.

In the final module MM 20 in the 4th Semester the master thesis is written, and accompanied by a colloquium.

All seminars will be offered as theory-practice seminars, so that here also the entanglement of theoretical knowledge and practical ways is guaranteed.

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