Master Sport and Lifestyle


Sport is socially highly considered; as a free time activity, as a job or as an event. Involvement in or consumption of sport are tightly related to cultural, environmental and gender specific lifestyles.

As an interdisciplinary cross-sectioned field of studies, science of sport enables the understanding of sports related lifestyles from the point of view of social and natural sciences.

Focus of the Master Programme Sport and Lifestyle at Oldenburg University and vital point relevant for modern societies´ future is the connection between social conditions, cultural affinities and people´s attitude towards body and movement.

Research-orientated studies is to enable graduates to conceive and /or evaluate sports and health offers, adapted to people with different social backgrounds, age and gender.

It reacts thereby to ever more growing urgent social (re)questing about:

  • the influence of social inequalities on the involvement in sports, well-being and nutrition behaviour.
  • Social and private consequences of an increasing cultism of body and sports.
  • Opportunities and limits of sport as an instrument of social and cultural integration.
  • Demographic trends, which imply better chances of participation especially for elderly people in sports and therefore culture and society.
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