Orientation week

Information for the orientational week 2020

Greetings to all freshly starting master-students at the ICBM

The academic counseling unit created a program to guide you through the kick-off phase of your new study path where you get to know your fellow students and the university itself! We summarized the agenda for the week of orientation from 12.10.20 to 16.10.20 in the following table. You can find a brief description with important informations for the events of your particular, individual study program. Do not hesitate to give some attention to the informations below and please have in mind that due to the current circumstances of the corona virus we all have to comply with certain hygienic measures.

Please keep a safe distance among yourself and do not forget to bring a mask, to every event with physical attendance, which covers your nose and mouth If you wish, you can also bring hand sanitizer.

But don’t worry about toilet paper!

Have fun and a nice week.

  • yours counseling unit (FSR) of ICBM

Table of events for the orientational week

Day of the week:








Info-cafés & program introduction


FSR introduction meeting


Bicycle tour



Specific for each study program





Infront the main building A14




Announced after registration


Campus tour

We are starting the week with an easy walk around the two campus which we have here in Oldenburg. From Haarentor to Wechloy we will introduce you to the main spots, like the Sports Centre, canteen and library. Aside we will assist you with valuable information regarding you daily life as a student in the university of Oldenburg and are happy to answer any question occurring in that regard. We hope for nice weather and would love to see you there!


Info-Café marine environmental scientists (ger. Marine Umweltwissenschaften)

How to I make a rational time table? How do I find room W151-146? What are the tasks of the counselling unit? What is StudIP?

To help you with an easy start into your master’s program, we would lie to share some useful information with you, which we personally think would have helped us in the beginning. Maybe you are coming from a foreign city and have never heard of something like studIP. We want to calm you down and show you this important tool for organizing you daily life. Aside from this, we can help you with some tips to organizing a schedule for the week, since we ourselves had to face that challenge when we started. We would be happy to tell you also something about ourselves, the counselling unit and how you could start taking part in shaping the studies in the ICBM!

So grab a cub of tee, a café or even a beer and come join us in an online meeting, where we tell you about our experiences in the masters program marine environmental sciences ger. “Marine Umweltwissenschaften”

Introduction to marine environmental scientists

How is the program organized? Who do I talk to if I have questions? Which modules should I take and what are my options for professionalization?

Professors at the ICBM introduce you to your new master’s program and wish you a warm welcome in your new university. Here you will get information about the organization of the program and a brief overlook about the skills which you will acquire.

The introduction will be a live online meeting on Tuesday the 13th October from 14:00 – 16:00 in a virtual room. The access data will be sent to you via mail.


time and place





invitation via E-mail

Introduction für marine environmentalistst 




invitation via E-mail

Info café marine environmentalistst 

Marine Sensors (ger. Marine Sensorik) introduction and info-café


Dear MarSens-beginners, we are happy that you are here and would like to give you a warm welcome! Since we are participating in a research cruise on the North Sea during the official orientation week, your course presentation and your infocafé will take place one week beforehand, on 5th October 2020. It is an opportunity to get to know each other and to ask questions. Some of the lecturers and students will briefly introduce to you the ICBM and the Marine Sensor Systems working group, answer questions about the study program and your first semester, and share experiences from student life at the University of Oldenburg with you. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee – that makes the online meeting a bit more comfortable :)

Since we are usually a very manageable number of students within the study program, we would be happy if you let us know by e-mail whether you would like to take part in the course presentation and the infocafé. Thank you!



Time and Place




11:00 -13:00

online: https://studconf.uol.de/b/jan-df2-rrk-oig

Course presentation and infocafé for Marine Sensors

Environmental desining (ger.Umweltmodellierung)

Tuesday 13.10                 Introduction to the study program environmental designing. (kooridinator Ulrike Feudel)+ additional information to the program and about the student counselling unit :)

After 16:00                  depending on good whether (no rain) questioning round Infront of the ICBM with students and teachers          


Time and place





Online: https://meeting.uol.de/b/ulr-qgm-5es i

Introduction andInfocafé for Environmental desining



after 16:00

infront of the ICBM

Q and A

Environmental desining 


Mikrobiologie info-Café and Introduction

Hello friends of the microbiology! During the info café we will show you how to design a proper schedule with StudIP and how to register into all of your courses. For this we would like to invite you into our online meeting room (link below) on the 13th October at 14:00. The Introduction into your study program will take place during your first mandatory meeting. There you will meet your teachers, who will introduce to you the program. We would love to meet you there! Further Information will be given at the info café.



time and place




14:00-16:00 Uhr


Infocafé for microbiology 


explanation in the Info café

introduction for microbiology

during first lecture




On Wednesday we will organise a little treasure hunt through the city centre in Oldenburg for you. The meeting point is the “Schlossplatz” at 15 o´clock. Further instructions will be given on spot. However, we have some tips for you beforehand.

- take some provisions, snacks and drinks with you and bring glass for yourself (maybe even a small shotglas).

- If you like you can organise yourselves in groups of 6 people beforehand, else we will make groups there.

- We want to have you guys to have the best possible fun during corona times, so please be sure to follow the hygiene regulations, since we have the responsibility we will have to keep an eye on that.

- There is also something to win at the end:)



counselling unit introduction meeting

we would like you introduce you to our work in the university. if you are interestedd in actively designing the daily life inside of the studies in the ICBM and like to organise events like game nights and Christmas parties, joining the student counselling unit is just the thing for you. To exactly show you how and what we are doing we would like to invite you to one of our meetings on the 15th October at 20 o´clock online ( https://studconf.uol.de/b/luk-w64-7g7). We look forward to meet you!


Bicycle tour

You are sad that we can not have the usual trip with the first semesters because of corona and miss out a nice chance to meet your fellow students? You are new in town and don’t now how the flat lower Saxony even look like?

Get ready for THE bicycle tour of the year!

Set you bikes! We want to show you the wilderness of Oldenburg! We searched out a rout to show you the nature surrounding Oldenburg, which we wanted to ride on Friday 16th October at 11 o´clock.

Don’t forget to bring with you drinks and something to eat along with you! If you do not have a bicycle don’t worry. There are plenty possibilities to rent bikes in Oldenburg.

For the bicycle tour registration is required so we can make a plan regarding the amount of people. For this please send us e-mail to the following address if you want to participate in the bicycle tour.  we will send you a confirmation.-> 

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