Special Needs Education (Master of Education Programme (Special Needs Education))

You want to apply for a Master of Education Programme (Special Needs Education) in Special Needs Education.

Most important points

  • The study course is admission free.
  • Application for beginning students is not possible in summer semester.

Special admission requirements

  • A bachelor's degree or a similar qualification in the subjects required for the admission to the master's degree programme
  • Combination of subjects according to the regulations for Master's degrees for teachers in Lower Saxony (Nds. MasterVO) in the currently valid version
  • A total of at least 90 credit points in both subjects, at least 24 credit points per subject, of which at least 5 credit points in subject didactics/teaching
  • At least 18 credit points in teacher training related educational sciences
  • Successfully completed practical trainings in social work experience with focus on the special needs education and in a school with focus on the special needs education
(Changed: 2022-01-18)