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Writing Peer Consultation

Tue 12 pm - 1 pm

Library - Entrance area

In the Learning Workshops of the Study and Career Counselling Service (ZSKB), we help students of all degree programmes to develop their academic working and writing skills.

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  • how to read academic texts effectively
  • how to develop scientific arguments
  • how to organise and write a term paper or thesis


Writing consultation

Students who want to discuss their work – regardless of whether it is a term paper or thesis, essay or exposé (developing the structure, organising their work, formulating questions, etc.) – and who are looking for a neutral environment in which to reflect upon their work can come and see one of our academic writing advisors. In a confidential one-on-one meeting, we help students with their questions about how to structure their work, how to formulate their question and how to write a paper using appropriate academic language. We also help students when they have writer’s block, and give suggestions on how to get back into the flow of writing.

Individual writing consultation

Academic writing groups

Another great way in which we support students’ writing process is via our writing groups. The Learning Workshops provide writing rooms for small groups, which are supported by professional writing tutors. The tutors are available at each meeting for a certain period of time to answer questions and provide feedback on the papers. Students also receive a script which provides information about the process.

Academic writing groups

Materials and handouts

  • as accompanying material to each workshop
  • as online learning material for independent study and further learning
  • specialist literature and theses for consultation

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