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5.06.205 Wind Energy II - Applications


  • Fr , 07.07.2017 16:00 - 18:00
  • Fr , 14.07.2017 08:30 - 11:00
  • Fr , 30.06.2017 16:00 - 18:00
  • Freitag: 08:00 - 09:30, wöchentlich


The students acquire an advanced knowledge in the field of wind energy applications. Special emphasis is on connecting physical and technical skills with the know-how in the fields of logistics, management, environment, finances, and economy. Practice-oriented examples enable the students to assess and classify real wind energy projects. Special situations such as offshore wind farms and wind farms in non-European foreign countries are included to give the students an insight into the crucial aspects of wind energy also relating to non-trivial realizations as well as to operating wind farm projects.

Assessment of the resource wind energy:
Weibull distribution, measurement of wind speeds to determine the energy yield, fundamentals of the WAsP method, partial models of WAsP, MCP method for long-term correction of measured wind data in correlation with long-term reference data, conditions for stable, neutral and instable atmospheric conditions, wind yield assessments from wind distribution and power curve, fundamentals of determining the annual wind yield potentials of individual single-turbine units.

Tracking effects and wind farms:
Recovery of the original wind field in tracking flow of wind turbines, fundamentals of the Risø model, distance spacing and efficiency calculation of wind turbines in wind farms, fundamentals of offshore wind turbines, positive and negative effects of wind farms.

Operating wind farms:
Influences on the energy yield of the power efficiency of wind farms, three-column model of sustainability: “magic triangle”, profit optimization for increased energy production



  • mar730 Energiesysteme (ES)
  • phy350 Vertiefungsmodul II
  • phy653 Engineering Sciences I
  • phy654 Engineering Sciences II
  • phy655 Engineering Sciences III
  • phy662 Specialization III
  • phy663 Specialization I
  • phy664 Specialization II
  • phy665 Specialization IV
  • pre120 Wind Energy


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