For questions, applications, filings, wishes, and other concerns please contact our team at: stipendien(at)

Our offices can be found on the middle floor of building A14 (entrance at the Ammerländer Heerstraße), and on the first floor of building V03.

Servicepoint Scholarships: The Team

Jessica Küpker

V03 1-W103
Tel.: +49 (0)441


Aeilt Poppinga

V03 1-W103
Tel.: +49 (0)441


Janina Enders

A14 0-040
Tel.: +49 (0)441


Office hours:

Mo: 10:00-12:30 am
Mi:  02:00-04:00 pm

Office hours are in A14 on Mondays and in V03 on Wednesdays.

Servicepoint Scholarships

On behalf of the presidium of the University of Oldenburg, the Servicepoint Scholarships manages five scholarships, each with a different focus, and one prize for special student achievements:

Each of these support programs requires applicants to meet specific criteria. Please make sure that you meet all necessary criteria before you apply.

For other information about the individual programs please click the respective links.

Decentralized support programs

Additionally, high-achieving students of the Berufs- and Wirtschaftspädagogik or Wirtschaftsdidaktik who are in need of financial support have the opportunity through the

to apply for financial support for different purposes. This program in being managed by the department for Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Wirtschaftspädagogik, Faculty II.

Students planning study stays abroad, preferably in the US, can also apply for a scholarship through the

which each year awards a mobility grant to deserving applicants.

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