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Current projects

NEDS - Sustainable energy supply Lower Saxony

Subproject 2: Transformation of energy systems as social diffusion

Focus of the diffusion research is the distribution of innovations. We focus on both technical and social social innovations. Moreover, we study changes in the behavior of individuals, as well as organizational level developments.

The relevant elements of the transformation of the energy system of Lower Saxony include plants for energy production, information systems and efficiency innovation on a technical level. On a social level we consider behavioral patterns of consumers with regard to energy consumption, the usage of information systems, as well as prosumer activities (e.g. investments in small plants for energy production).

Within the subproject possible transformation paths for energy supply will be presented and evaluated under this premise. This also includes an explanation of the diffusion system on a macro level, its participants and dependencies. On a micro level individual courses of M&A decisions will be considered.

Based on that, management concepts for non-technical framework conditions for the transformation of the energy system of Lower Saxony can be developed.

Project Management: Prof. Dr. Christian Busse

Scientific Assistant: Julien Minnemann and N.N.

VALUEWORKSEffects of financialization alongside the copper supply chain

The transdisciplinary project examines the effects of financialization of commodity trading on people`s local living environment by the example of the copper supply chain from the mines in Sambia, the harbors in South Africa, the emporia in Switzerland to the producers in China. The field research takes place in Africa, Europe and Asia. The main focus lies on ethnological analyses, which are extended by both sociological, geographical and economical scientific perspectives and insights of real-world participants like various NGOs. A detailed project description can he found here.

Project management: Dr. des Rita Kesselring, Ethnologisches Seminar, Universität Basel

Associated project member: Prof. Dr. Christian Busse.

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