Quo vadis Energiewende?


Julien Minnemann, M.A.

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Quo vadis Energy Transition? Moderation of Discourses on the Transformation of Lower Saxony's Energy Supply System

The project focuses on the question of society's expectations of future business models of energy supply companies, how these will be presented in an economically promising way and how energy suppliers can ensure the ongoing support of their stakeholders, such as customers, residents, local politicians, interested members of the public and employees.

The focus will be particularly on municipal utilities. As local energy suppliers close to the citizens and owned by the municipalities, they play an important role in the implementation of the energy transition. The increasing digitalization of the energy sector is already forcing them to rethink their existing business model, revise strategies and adapt skills to survive within the new circumstances.


Municipal utilities can help shape digital change by enjoying a high level of trust among citizens and working in partnership to implement the digitalized energy transition. This project will promote and moderate the discourse between the energy industry, the public and politics.

Project Management: Prof. Dr. Christian Busse

Scientific Assistant: Julien Minnemann, M.A.

Funding: Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, VolkswagenStiftung

Funding Programme: „Zukunftsdiskurse”

Duration: 01.08.2019 until 31.01.2021

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