The dynamics of information processing is studied on different levels of organization. Retinal activity triggered by light stimulation can be recorded non-invasively from the animal by electroretinography (ERG). Using an isolated retinal preparation, multi-electrode arrays are employed for extracellular recording of the retinal output provided by distinct populations of ganglion cells. Light stimulus-driven electrical activity of single cells in their retinal context is studied by intracellular recording and the patch-clamp technique. Dye injection from electrodes allows revealing the morphology of the recorded cell. Patch-clamp recording is also used to analyze the properties of the ion channels involved in the cell’s signal generation.

The group is equipped with setups for electroretinography, multi-electrode-array recording, intracellular recording from eyecup preparations, and two patch-clamp setups: one equipped with a fast drug application system for recording from isolated cells and one combined with a two-photon setup for targeting pre-labeled cells in the intact retina with infrared laser stimulation.

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