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Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
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Lecturers & Mentors


Frank Fischer

President, Senior Consultant/Trainer/Coach
fischer and friends GmbH
​Oldenburg, Germany

T +49(0)441 92207072

Lecture of Project Management

Frank Fischer is a passionate project manager, always on the trail of pragmatic approaches that not only make project work successful but also fun. In doing so, people in the project and their experiences are particularly important to him. He loves to see when project cooperation succeeds, regardless of whether the project approach is a phase-oriented, agile or hybrid one. He sees himself as an enthusiastic designer for interesting training and workshop offers. He focuses on offline, online and blended learning scenarios. It is his high standard to convey content in an exciting, varied and easily comprehensible way so that the desired learning goals are achieved safely and sustainably. As a project leader he has more than 20 years of experience in developing sophisticated e-learning and blended learning concepts.
As a trainer, he has taught more than 8,000 people in more than 1,000 events over the past 17 years, presenting the topic of project management in an easy-to-understand, humorous, rousing and practical way. His clients come from research and science backgrounds, from small and medium-sized companies within diverse industries, as well as from larger corporate structures.

Main Focus of Operations

  • Conceptualization, execution, and evaluation of qualification measures (including blended learning), with a primary focus on project management
  • Facilitation for the introduction, optimization and professionalization of project and multiproject management
  • Project consulting and management in organizational development / change projects
  • Facilitation of strategy development workshops and team development processes
  • Project supervising and project coaching (single and team coaching)
  • Coach for personal development and life / career planning

Additional Qualifications

  • Certified Senior Project Manager (Level B, IPMA)
  • Certified Project Management Trainer (GPM)
  • Certified Process Consultant in projects
  • Certified Coach for systemic constellations (business and family)
  • Certified Career Consultant and Coach

Magnus Gees


Lecture of Strategic Management & Academic Leadership

Magnus Gees studied at the University of Freiburg (degree: Master of Arts, 1998) and after finishing his university education he worked for an international consulting company in the field of change and strategic management for 3.5 years. Subsequently, he accompanied the IPO of an enterprise in the solar technology sector. Since 2003 he has been responsible for the administrative change management of a fast developing research and treatment focus on immunology at the University Hospital Freiburg. He was involved in the successful application of many new third party funding schemes that emerged in the research environment in Germany during that time (total funding managed 2003-2010: approx. 150 Mio EUR). He was also co-founder and CEO of two software and database enterprises (spin-offs from university research) - both were sold to industry partners afterwards.
In 2011 he took up the position of managing director of a new research and treatment center at the University Medical Center in Mainz. In this position he was responsible (together with a scientific director) for the build-up and expansion of the center. In 2015 he left Mainz and started his own consulting and management enterprise. Subsequently, he became involved in major funding schemes (BMBF roadmap, National Excellent Centers, EU) as consultant and project manager. As coach and speaker, he is an active part of advanced training programs of leading German organizations (i.e. University of Speyer/Freiburg/Leipzig) and he has substantial experience in the fields of research management, academic leadership, change supervision, third party funding application as well as the implementation and management of (research) organizations. Currently he is working on new communication concepts for interdisciplinary research and visibility/leverage in science. 


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sorgenfrei


Lecture of Human Resource Management

Jürgen Sorgenfrei is an economist by education, professor for business economics at private NBS Northern Business School and independent Management and Logistics Consultant, based in Hamburg, Germany. He has significant consulting and project development experience within the international transport, shipping, rail & logistics sector, in global economics, trade, analytics and forecasting as well as in intermodal hinterland transport. As team leader, MD, CEO and chairman he was frequently engaged in all sectors of HR development. He gained a vast range of international experience in different public and private enterprises up to the level of Chairman of a company with 14 offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and as MD Consulting with global responsibility for a 3 bn USD company serving out of 85 offices in 32 nations. He has more than 30 years of experience in economics and was leader of many international teams working on all continents. Dr. Sorgenfei received his master’s degree in Economics from Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel and his doctorate in Economics from the University of Hamburg, Germany. 


Dr. Jasmin Overberg


Profile and main areas of work

Dr. Jasmin Overberg works as a research associate at Faculty I, Department for Continuing Education and Education Management. After completing her studies in Educational Sciences in Oldenburg and Jyväskylä (2008-2014), she has been working under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Heinke Röbken in the projects “PuG: Development of new extra-occupational study programmes in nursing and health sciences” (since 2015) and “IQM-HE: Internal Quality Management in Competence-Based Higher Education” (2017-2018).

Since the beginning of 2020, she is also working in the project “Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg” (Department for Research and Technology Transfer). Her task there is to implement a practice-based doctorate at the university.

Her own doctoral dissertation was about internal and external quality management in higher education institutions and since the beginning of 2018, she is a mentor in the UNILEAD-program for the module "Project Management".

Karen Vogelpohl 


Profile and main areas of work

Karen Vogelpohl is a research accociate at the Department for Continuing Education and Education Management. Previously, she coordinated the training course "Management and Leadership in the Social Economy“ in the Center for Lifelong Learning.

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