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Dr. Jasmin Overberg works as a research associate at Faculty I, Department for Continuing Education and Education Management. After completing her studies in Educational Sciences in Oldenburg and Jyväskylä (2008-2014), she has been working under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Heinke Röbken in the projects “PuG: Development of new extra-occupational study programmes in nursing and health sciences” (since 2015) and “IQM-HE: Internal Quality Management in Competence-Based Higher Education” (2017-2018).

Since the beginning of 2020, she is also working in the project “Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg” (Department for Research and Technology Transfer). Her task there is to implement a practice-based doctorate at the university.

Her own doctoral dissertation was about internal and external quality management in higher education institutions and since the beginning of 2018, she is a mentor in the UNILEAD-program for the module "Project Management".




Jasmin Overberg

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Karen Vogelpohl

Karen Vogelpohl is a research accociate at the Department for Continuing Education and Education Management. Previously, she coordinated the training course "Management and Leadership in the Social Economy“ in the Center for Lifelong Learning

E: karen.vogelpo0xcfhl(ak/pt)uypnixh-oldenhsnbulus+rg.desu (pia.lehmkuhl@uol.djgwjexzrnp)

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