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Human Resource Management

Management of Human Resources (HRM)


Because of increased institutional autonomy, employees at educational and scientific institutions are obtaining employer characteristics since a couple of years. Thus, the responsibilities in Human Resource Management are increasing. This module deals with the goals and tasks as well as with the responsible bodies and target groups of Human Resource Management in educational and scientific institutions. Furthermore, the institutional basic conditions for human resource management (e.g. nature of employment law) and the possibilities for inner organisational design will be discussed. Not only the German but also an international context will be considered: Which basic conditions are offered, which options for Human Resource Development and which obstacles are there? The respective basic conditions will be compared, to enable an international point of view and to be able to use the gained knowledge in the context of other countries as well.

Learning Outcomes

After this course, the participants should

  • know the essential goals, functions and instruments of Human Resource Management
  • have achieved basic knowledge in using methods for personnel recruitment, employee appraisal, employee maintenance and Human Resource Development
  • be able to analyse the characteristics of Human Resource Management (HRM) in educational institutions from an international point of view
  • be able to independently express and deal with relevant questions concerning Human Resource Management within their own educational or scientific organisations.


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