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  • successful management of different projects
  • building up networks for projects
  • development and implementation of individual projects
  • dealing with resistance in projects
  • budgeting models and instruments
  • design of human resources in HE institutions
  • international movements, globalisation
  • intersection between administration and academics


Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

After having participated in UNILEAD, the participants should be able to


  • react adequately to current international changing movements (e.g. internationalisation, Bologna - Process etc.)

  • understand how to successfully manage different kinds of projects,

  • understand how to set up a successful supporting network for projects,

  • understand how to deal with resistance while implementing projects and to identify factors responsible for the failure/success of projects,

  • understand new management systems and instruments,

  • deal with and use a justified selection of instruments and methods in given contexts,

  • identify important aspects of budgeting and funding in an international context,

  • apply strategic management approaches

  • critically reflect upon the possibilities for developing the new professions,

  • understand the role of Human Resource Management and how to set up HRM in educational institutions.





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