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Wolfgang Schulenberg-Programme

The aim of the programme is the support of qualified young researchers of the University of Oldenburg with a grant in aid for travel to international conferences abroad.

Whoever wants to achieve something in science today has to start early to draw attention to his person in the professional world. For that reason, doctoral students usually already start publishing before they graduate. No less important for them than a publication is an early appearance at international conferences. There they can become known, be inspired by others and, above all, make suitable contacts.

Conference trips, especially abroad, are not cheap, but only after graduation does one belong to those who can apply for travel grants at the relevant research funding institutions. Not frequently, this has the consequence that young academics refrain from a conference trip for financial reasons despite presentable research results.

Potential applicants: students and doctoral candidates who can already present tangible results in connection with their thesis.

Applications can be submitted at any time before the conference. In order to avoid difficulties in the legibility of handwriting we ask to submit a typed application via email and/or postal if possible. The University Society decides about the received applications biannually.


Term of application for conferences in the months from April until September: 1st March

Term of application for conferences in the months from October until March: 1st October


Your application should be send to the above-mentioned mail adress.

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