Practises, Subjectivizations,

Practices, Subjectivizations, Educational Pathways

Each society creates its own designs of subjects and practices of subjectivizations. By doing so, the individual and society, subject and structure does not form an antithesis but are one in the interdependent context.

From this perspective subject is to be understood as a historical convertible form, as a player and at the same time as a product of practice. People modify their being, by going through certain educational paths or make their life a work that meets certain cultural, stylistic, professional, etc. criteria.
In this perspective the attention is focused among others on:

  • The study of continuities, changes and upheavals of forms of subjectivization and educational paths in history,
  • The tension between internal and external designs and the conditions for its deletion,
  • The spatial, temporal and cultural conditioning of these practices,
  • Specific practices of subjectivization within and outside of educational institutions (family, church, clubs, youth culture, school etc.).

In 2010, the DFG research training group "Self-Making. Practices of subjectivation in historical and interdisciplinary perspective" emerged from this field of research.

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