Spaces, Relations, Conflicts

Spaces, relations, conflicts

Spaces are understood as objectively and subjectively interpreted environments for identity, formation processes and ways of life. They are constituted by borders and relations.

Under what conditions do limitations prove to be fixed or changeable?
Under what conditions are they made inclusive or exclusive or transparent?
Under what conditions will they be accepted or contested?
Under what conditions do they offer opportunities for peaceful exchange or give rise to violent conflict?
Under what conditions do boundaries dissolve; when do new ones emerge?

Under this perspective of questioning - attention is directed to international and interdisciplinary comparative analysis etc. on

  • The construction of reality mightiness of imaginary spaces like heaven and hell, Europe, nation, region etc.
  • The design, combination and change of empirically comprehensive spaces (from business, politics, law, religion, art, sports etc.) through institutions and media
  • Performative production, appropriation and (re) interpretation of areas relating to employment, education, rituals, festivals, events, etc.
  • Space-perceptions and conflict in historical, philosophical, theological, sport, movement and body-related learning and educational processes.
(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)