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Environmental Information Management (EIM)


Today, organizations are under the pressure to consider the preservation of environment as one of their primary business strategies. Companies are challenged by the situation to provide business relevant data for environmentally oriented processes.

Therefore businesses need to consider new approaches for the implementation of environmental management systems to cope with these problems and with current and future regulatory law.

For this, availability of data and information is important. Empirical studies illustrate that there is no attempt yet to integrate both information management and environmental management.

Besides the missing research on the manageability of strategic design processes for environmental management, there is no assessment of methods or procedures for the applicability of environmental management. Regarding this, the following questions arise:

  • How can strategic information management be integrated in environmental management to create environmental information management?
  • How can environmental management be integrated in strategic IT management processes, using only minimal effort?
  • Where is the use of such integration?
  • What stakeholders are relevant in this area and have to participate in the integration process?
  • What are the risks and dangers?
  • Are there any relevant categories of information system available? How can these be applied for comprehensive information management?
  • What is understood by IT-alignment of information systems regarding environmental management? How can IT-alignment be implemented and used strategically?

The thesis aims are to fill this gap by:

  • Integrating information system with environment system
  • proposing the relevant methods and procedures for information engineering concerning IT for environment management
  • estimating risks and dangers
  • designing an environmental information management system and proposing reference model
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