Maren Wesselow, M. Sc.


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Maren Wesselow, M. Sc.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable land use in countries of the global south
  • Livelihood strategies of small-scale farmers
  • Farmer institutions in rural and urban areas
  • Local governance of natural resources
  • Transdisciplinary and qualitative research methods

Curriculum Vitae

Since 03/2017|Research fellow within the project "ECOSOLA - Ecosystem-based solutions for resilient urban agriculture in Africa" at the chair of Ecological Economics at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Teaching Practical Project "Resilient Cities and Urban Agriculture" at the UOL (summer term 2018)

02/2014 - 12/2016|Research fellow within the project "SuLaMa - Sustainable Land Management in Madagascar" at the University of Greifswald and at the University of Hamburg (

11/2014 - 07/2016|Coordinator of the study course "Sustainability Geography M. Sc." at the University of Greifswald:

|Teaching in the Master's courses "project management for geographers" and "regional geography of selected developing countries"

10/2011 - 01/2014 |M. Sc. Sustainability Geography and Regional Development, University of Greifswald

09/2012 - 09/2013 |Field study in the coffee and cocoa producer cooperative Oro Verde (Peru) (

01/2012 - 08/2012 |Student research assistant in the socio-ecological research group "GETIDOS", University of Greifswald (

11/2009 - 09/2011|Marketing and sales assistant at Ethiquable e. G. (wholesaler for fair traded and organic products), Berlin (

10/2006 - 07/2009|B. A. Social Management, University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen

10/2008 - 02/2009|Exchange semester at the University of León (Spain)

03/2008 - 07/2008 |Practical semester at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Budapest (Hungary)

Presentations and Posters


  • In town everyone is in his own. Building self-organized farmer institutions in Dar es Salaam. Presentation at the Annual Conference of TRIALOG 2018, 7 – 8 June 2018, Dortmund (Germany)
  • Agriculture in an urban society. Social challenges and implications. Presentation at the Sustainable African Cities Conference: Debating current challenges and Exploring Future Pathways, 4 - 6 July 2018, Accra (Ghana)
  • 2017

  • The lonesome farmer? Urbanising farmer institutions in Dar es Salaam. Presentation at the AKSA-Jahrestagung, 24 – 25 November 2017, Erlangen (Germany)
  • 2016

  • Role-Playing Games - eine partizipative Methode für die Forschung und das Management von natürlichen Ressourcen. Poster contribution at the Future Earth Summit, 28 - 29 January 2016, Berlin (Germany)
  • Different Methods for different Purposes. Experiences with participatory methods in the SuLaMa research project. Presentation at the Final Conference of the BMBF-Funding Measure‚ Sustainable Land Management‘, 7- 9 March 2016, Berlin (Germany)
  • 2015

  • Role Playing Games in Land Use Research. Experiences from the Mahafaly Plateau in Madagascar. Presentation at the Conference on Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management  - “Tropentag” 16 - 18 September 2015, Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany)
  • Les méthodes participatives. l'approche SuLaMa à une gestion durable des ressources naturelles. Presentation at the SuLaMa Final Conference, 24 September 2015, Toliara (Madagacar)


Wesselow M, Kifunda C, Auerbach R, Siebenhüner B (2020): Urban Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Water Management and Planning. In: Auerbach R: Organic Food Systems. Meeting the Needs of Southern Africa. Oxfordshire/ UK; Boston/ USA: CABI. Online at:

Wesselow M and Mashele J (2019): “Who needs money if you got hands, if you got plants." Forming community resilience in two urban gardening networks in South Africa. Human Ecology, 47(6), 855-864. doi: 10.1007/s10745-019-00116-5

Wesselow M (2019) "In Town, Everyone Is on Their Own." Building Informal Risk Management Arrangements Among Urban Farmers in Dar es Salaam. TRIALOG 134 3/2018: 4-8.

Schmidt L, Hartberger K, Kobbe S, Falk T, Wesselow M, Schumann C (2018) Stakeholder Involvement in Transdisciplinary Research. Lessons from Three Projects on Sustainable Land Management in a North-South Setting. GAIA 27/3: 312 – 320

Wesselow M and Stoll-Kleemann S (2018) Role-Playing Games in Natural Resource Management and Research. Lessons Learned from Theory and Practice. The Geographical Journal 184: 298 – 309 (doi: 10.1111/geoj.12248)

Kobbe S, Kübler D, Ratovonamana Y, Fricke R, Andriamparany J, Brinkmann K, Götter J, Rakotomalala D, Wesselow M (2017) SuLaMa – Participatory research to support sustainable land management on the Mahafaly Plateau in southwestern Madagascar – Final report (01.01. 2011 – 31.12.2016)

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