Welcome to the Department of Female Entrepreneurship!


Since October 2014, the team of Germany's first (junior) professorship Female Entrepreneurship researches the characteristics, specific motives and requirements about business establishments through women. In this regard, we even examine pre-existing gender differences concerning foundation characteristics. Our scientific research is inter- and transdisciplinary oriented and follows - depending on the actual research issue - a connected research logic.

Our research is based on a critical basic gender attitude and aims to get a closer look at the differences between male and female founders. We want to describe and understand the factors, causes and mechanisms that are involved in female founding processes.

Therefore, our research does not only contribute to an elevated level of scientific knowledge but does also improve existing sponsorships for female entrepreneurs concerning their characteristics and specific requirements. 

This is why our research and teaching activities - especially through co-working agreements with external partners - are closely aligned to practical application.


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