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Master Theses

Prof. Fichter and his team has only few capacities for sponsorship of new master's degree projects. The following topics are proposals that we are currently accepting.

All those interested, please contact  via email including the fowolling informations, so your request can be discussed with the respective colleague:

1.       A letter of motivation
2.       Argumentation for choice of subject
3.       Information about previous studies + grades
4.       Short proposal for thesis

If appropriate, we will then arrange an appointment to discuss the topic, as well as the formalities of drafting a proposal.
Students of the Mastercourse "Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship" please contact  or.

Finished Master's Theses:

Mattis Bläsing:
Der Stellenwert grüner Technologien in Technologie- und Gründerzentren in Niedersachsen und Baden-Württemberg [more information]

Kamil Frontczak: 
Sustainable Business Plan – Start-ups und Nachhaltigkeit [Download]

Lisa Chichowitz:
Gründungsförderung in der Green Economy. Besonderheiten grüner Energiegründungen und daraus resultierende Anforderungen an Inkubatoren. [Download]

(Changed: 2022-01-14)