Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski

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Innovation labs

Innovation laboratory for reliability and fouling prevention

In order to trust observation systems in marine research, it is important that calibrations and quality assurance of measurement devices and data are continuously carried out. The Reliability and Antifouling Innovation Lab provides opportunities to explore more robust and efficient sensors that increase the reliability of condition monitoring of offshore technologies and reduce operational risks.

Innovation lab for oil, water, ice

Oil, its products and components are essential raw materials, energy suppliers and lubricants of technical systems including shipping and oil exploration. The control and monitoring of processes that bring oil constituents into contact with aquatic media create the need for reliable electro-optical sensors that can both characterise and quantify. This particularly promotes environmental protection, e.g. in sensitive polar regions. The Innovation Laboratory for Oil, Water, Ice offers new measurement methods for more environmentally friendly maritime transport and the environmentally safer exploration, extraction and storage of energy raw materials.

Innovation lab marine surfaces

Marine surfaces are the interfaces between the water column and the atmosphere and represent environments of unique and extremely high complexity. As the ocean surface covers 70% of the Earth, marine surface processes play a crucial role in global climate change, biogeochemical cycles and distribution of pollutants in the marine environment. The Innovation Laboratory Marine Surfaces offers new sampling and measurement methods for aquatic surface processes, in the context of environmental pollution and climate-relevant exchange processes.

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