Working papers:

- Heinz Welsch and Susana Ferreira (2014) "Environment, Well-Being, and Experienced Preference"

- Tine Ningal, Finbarr Brereton (2013) "GIS Methodology in Determining Population Centers and Distances to Nuclear Power Plants"

- Heinz Welsch and Philipp Biermann (2013) "Induced Transnational Preference Change: Fukushima and Nuclear Power in Europe"

- Heinz Welsch and Philipp Biermann (2013) "Electricity Supply Preferences in Europe: Evidence from Subjective Well-Being Data"

- Katrin Rehdanz, Heinz Welsch, Daiju Naritaa and Toshihiro Okubod (2013) "Well-being effects of a major negative externality: The case of Fukushima"

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