Fuzzy Logik und klassische Statistik -
ein kombiniertes Habitateignungsmodell für Conocephalus dorsalis (Latreille, 1804) (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae). -

Boris Schröder

Verh. Ges. Ökol. 27: 219-226

Abstract: A habitat suitability model for target species has been developed for the assessment of management measures in fens. The presented model allows to predict the occurrence of Conocephalus dorsalis (Saltatoria), a typical wetland grasshopper. In respect to uncertainty of ecological expert knowledge and vagueness of ecological data the model is represented by a rule-based expert system resorting to fuzzy logic. It is based on results of classical discriminance analysis. Combination with the fuzzy logic procedure leads to an improvement of prediction accuracy.
This paper shows not only the model approach, combining classical statistics with fuzzy logic, but also first results for one target species in fens of the Drömling and Rhinluch area (Northern Germany).