Knevel, I.C., Bekker, R.M., Bakker, J.P. & Kleyer, M.

Life-history traits of the Northwest European flora: A data-base (LEDA)

Accepted in Journal of Vegetation Science


An international group of scientists has started to build a 'Traitbase': an open internet database of life-history plant traits (LEDA) that can be used as a tool in planning, in nature conservation and restoration, and in other applied research. The species-trait matrix will comprise referenced information under control of an editorial board. Starting with ~ 3000 species of the Northwest European flora, the database will collate existing information with additional measurements. The focus will be on about 20 plant traits that describe three key features of plant dynamics: persistence, regeneration and dispersability. Currently 35% of the species-trait matrix is filled, however the LEDA Traitbase consortium aims to deliver a database as complete as possible, any help of the scientific community is more than welcome.