Svend-Age Biehs: Radiative heat transfer between dielectric bodies

Author(s): Svend-Age Biehs

Radiative heat transfer between dielectric bodies

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Article: Journal of the national pedagogical university of Kasakhstan

Keywords: fluctuating electrodynamics, drude-materials, radiative heat transfer, evenescent modes

The recent development of a scanning thermal microscope (SThM) has led to measurements of radiative heat transfer between a heated sensor and a cooled sample down to the nanometer range. This allows for comparision of the known theoretical description of radiative heat transfer, which is based on fluctuating electrodynamics, with experiment. The theory itself is a macroscopic theory, which can be expected to break down at distances much smaller than $10^{-8} {\rm m}$. Against this background it seems to be reasonable to revisit the known macroscopic theory of fluctuating electrodynamics and of radiative heat transfer.

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