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English for University Studies

Please be aware: Both of the Following courses are under the same pb number: 233. This means that credit points can only be given once; you are able to do both classes but only one of them will be credited with 6 credit points.

Advanced Writing and Reading for University Studies

Writing in general and writing at the university in particular is a necessary requirement to succeed in your studies. Furthermore, having to write reports or term papers in English poses a specific challenge because of both the foreign language and different conventions for texts in English. Yet, writing in English is also a skill that can be acquired. As such a skill, it can be identified by various techniques and expectations rather than by the mystique that often seems to surround it. And, it is based on a keen understanding of other people's texts that can be acquired through reflective and critical reading.

In this course, we will focus on acquiring this skill of writing in English in an academic context. For that purpose, we will analyze various sample texts, first, to develop strategies for effective reading at the university and, second, to understand how a well-written text works. Such an understanding will help us plan, prepare, and draft our own academic texts. Here, we will consider the process of writing as well as the criteria for a successful writing product in English. This includes many advanced features of grammar and vocabulary for academic writing, and, therefore, the course will help you develop your knowledge of English.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • reflecting upon your reading and writing habits;
  • recognizing the topic and point of a text;
  • defining what to write about;
  • understanding the typical English set-up of introductions;
  • analyzing the structure of texts from various fields;
  • comprehending the concept of coherence;
  • developing an outline of your own;
  • grasping the structure and function of an English paragraph;
  • concluding a text;
  • acquiring specifically academic vocabulary;
  • applying grammatical structures appropriate for academic texts;
  • using academic style adequately;
  • linking sentences well to each other;
  • being clear, accurate, and concise;
  • avoiding ambiguity, redundancy, and verbosity;
  • giving peer feedback on writing assignments.

Throughout the course, you will have to develop a number of pieces of writing on your own that will be assessed at the end.

Advanced English FOR UNIVERSITY STUDIES-comprehensive Language practice

This Comprehensive Language Practice course is for students wishing to further improve their competency in the English language. It uses a broadly communicative methodology and a text and task-based approach including comprehensive work on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and integrated skills, where strong emphasis is placed on reading, writing and study skills as well as speaking and listening.

At the beginning of the course a review of participants’ competencies will ensure the course content followed is strategically aimed at reinforcing and improving each student’s level of English.

It will include:

- a review and development of key grammar structures

- an introduction of vocabulary required for further studies

- a use of authentic texts and material

- a variety of realistic role playing scenarios


The course is conducted exclusively in English and therefore a competence level of at least B2 is a requirement. This is a 6 Credit Point course.


Assessment of this course will be the following:

Listening Exam (30%)

Grammar and Vocabulary Exam (30%)

Individual academic Presentation in class (10 minutes) (30%)

Active Class participation & Involvement (10%)


This is no set course book required for this course. 


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