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Koordination Englischkurse

Richard Dawton

+49 (0)441 798-4618

A5 1-136

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Lehrkräfte im Bereich Englisch

Richard Dawton, Koordinator Englisch

English Native Speaker, originally raised in a nondescript town somewhere in Southern England, best forgotten and should not be visited. Worked in a variety of educational institutions before leaving that strange island off the coast of Europe. Have now been resident in Germany for an increasing number of years. Responsible for the coordination of the English courses in the Sprachenzentrum, University of Oldenburg.

In possession of an Honours Degree from the University of Bristol and a Master of Arts in Education. Teacher of Academic English, Business English and English for Specific Purposes. Author of English coursebooks and audio material and examiner for the Cambridge ESOL examinations.

Very happy to be working at the University of Oldenburg - I recommend it!


Maike Engelhardt, Leiterin des Sprachenzentrums

Born and raised at the beautiful North Sea Coast, Maike moved all the way to the fair city of Bremen so pursue studies in English and Religious Education. Grasping the opportunity to choose between a stint in Terre Haute, Indiana or Morgantown, West Virginia, she shyed away from great heights (and later learned that Terre Haute was a euphemism), and took to the country roads of West Virginia. She studied linguistics and TESOL, taught German, English Grammar and Linguistics at WVU, had the title of M.A. bestowed upon herself and returned to Germany.

In order to further the cultural experience of 'being abroad', she did the next best thing and moved to Munich, where she taught translation and phonetics at LMU and started her dissertation project on strategies and techniques in translation tasks by non-German students of English.

In 2007 she returned to familiar pastures, i.e. Oldenburg, where, in 2009 she finished her Ph.D. thesis and rose to the challenge of heading the University's Language Centre. This exciting task continues to please her to no end and she enjoys the pendulum swing between being an administrator in a multi-language environment and teaching English to students from all courses of study. Occasionally she may be caught conversing in Dutch, and, of course, in the monosyllabic version of German, known as Norddeutsch.

She was twice elected to represent the University on the chairing committee of the AKS (Arbeitskreis Sprachenzentren) where she concerns herself with standards of language testing - her not so secret passion. 

Eric Ahlberg

Geraldine Barry, Lehrbeauftragte

Geraldine Barry ist.......

Sorcha Crushell, Lehrbeauftragte

Sorcha Crushell ist...........

Silviya Dimitrova, Lehrbeauftragte

In Bulgarien geboren und aufgewachsen. Studium der Turkologie an der Universität Sofia, Diplom-Turkologin. Zusätzlich zertifizierte Englischlehrerin – Certificate in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL. 2000 – 2006 Leiterin und Chefredakteurin der türkischen Redaktion des bulgarischen Fernsehens. 2006 – 2009 Lehrtätigkeit an der METU (Middle East Technical University), Nord Zypern. Seit 2009 Dozentin für Türkisch an der Universität Oldenburg und an der Bremer Volkshochschule, Dozentin für Englisch an der Universität Bremen.


Kyra S. Huismann, Lehrbeauftragte

Speaks and teaches three languages with great passion: English, German and Excellian (Refers to the spreadsheet programme). With a degree in Business Admin and Language and IT training started freelancing as language instructor and translator in England and Germany. After a period in the industry as Management Assistant responsible for contracts and financial controlling set up business more than 10 years ago providing in-company Business English training, translation services (Marketing/Business Contracts) and Excel spreadsheet development and analysis to clients from a range of industries. Teaching Wirtschaftsenglisch at the Oldenburg University since 2009.

Special interests include translating problems, cultural differences, accents, idioms and creating teaching material and lesson plans.

Laura Katrynski, Lehrbeauftragte

Laura Katrynski ist...........

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